Starting Salary $43,171

Enforces all correctional institution rules and regulations; maintains inmate discipline; maintains a secure and peaceful environment in the county jail. Supervises, observes, and monitors inmate activities inside the facility on a continual basis; supervises inmates working in the jail and while in the yard; takes counts of inmates as required. Monitors security of jail facility; manages key control for the housing floor; inspects doors, fences, and other areas to assure facility security; monitors alarms and observes closed-circuit television screens; operates security doors and gates via master control panel. Searches inmates, visitors, mail, cells, building, and grounds to locate and remove contraband or weapons; perform lockdown of all inmates and checks cell doors.

Processes incoming inmates per established procedures; takes pictures and fingerprints; completes applicable documentation; secures and records personal property; explains jail rules and regulations; assigns housing quarters. Establishes and administers inmate financial accounts; records and secures payments; provides inmates with necessary request forms...


Starting Salary $46,143

Must possess a Georgia Basic Law Enforcement POST certification


Enforces all local and state codes, ordinances, laws and regulations, both traffic and criminal, in order to protect life and property, to promote security, and to maintain law and order. Patrols designated areas via motor vehicle, watercraft, bicycle, or on foot to detect and deter criminal activity, watercraft transgressions, and traffic violations; conducts surveillance and investigations into illegal activities. Prevents/discovers commission of crime; apprehends, arrests, and processes criminals, fugitives and offenders; writes citations. 


Responds to calls relayed by dispatchers, including alarms, domestic disputes, assaults, burglaries, traffic accidents, lost or missing persons searches, rescue operations, public service duties, stranded motorists, or other calls for assistance...


Starting Salary $47,629

Must possess a Georgia Basic Law Enforcement POST certification

Must have THREE YEARS of Law Enforcement experience


Enforces all local and state codes, ordinances, laws and regulations, both traffic and criminal, in order to protect life and property, to promote security, and to maintain law and order.


Establishes positive public relations with the general public; attends community meetings; educates the public on laws, law enforcement, crime prevention, drugs, domestic violence, and/or abuse; fingerprints children at special events. Patrols and provides security to school campuses; provides structured education classes to community youth regarding violence, guns, drugs, prisons, gangs, death, juvenile court, adult court, conflict resolution, benefits of education, and related subjects; provides counseling to students; investigates crimes committed on school property; acts as liaison between juveniles and parents, school administration, court officials, juvenile agencies and other agencies.


Starting Salary $37,228

Assists citizens with filing open records requests, records restriction; take payments; provide receipts; answering requests internally and externally which involves research for reports or statistics. Printing, redacting, and preparing reports for media on a daily basis.


Processing and logging in of incident report attachments, accident report attachments; making copies of reports; collect mail and distribute to appropriate individuals; filing completed report attachments after data is entered into system. Releasing and processing of paperwork of impounded vehicles at the Sheriff’s Office lot.


Enters all citations into Sheriff’s Office data system; maintains copies of citations; researches citations upon request. Processes all revocations and suspensions of driver’s licenses from the Sheriff’s Office to the Department of Motor Vehicles.


Receives copies of juvenile complaints from Clerk; maintains records of complaints for case tracking; forwards copies of complaints to appropriate individuals; maintains statistical data pertaining to referrals and enrollments; seal juvenile citations as needed. Sorts/prepares traffic citations, incident reports, and accident reports for data entry...


Starting Salary $49,116

Operates various computer systems, peripheral equipment, office equipment, and related tools such as a personal computer, laptop computer, palm computing device, mobile computing network system, printer, monitor, terminal, server, hard drive, tape drive, CD-ROM drive, modem, scanner, hub, LAN analyzer, meters, diagnostic instruments, hand tools, copy machine, facsimile machine, calculator, telephone, or two-way radio; enters commands into computer system to start computer operations, correct errors, operate peripheral equipment, and perform related functions; enters, retrieves, reviews or modifies data in computer programs or operating systems.


Installs and configures personal computer systems, peripherals, and software; coordinates interfaces between systems; connects personal computer hardware to LAN/WAN networking components, including hubs, routers, and switches; configures network software components for LAN/WAN connectivity; monitors network resources and usage; researches, installs, and supports user-specific software; performs system upgrades of hardware and software; downloads software updates and device drivers; performs modification or maintenance of software applications...

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