Starting Salary $42,744

Enforces all correctional institution rules and regulations; maintains inmate discipline; maintains a secure and peaceful environment in the county jail. Supervises, observes, and monitors inmate activities inside the facility on a continual basis; supervises inmates working in the jail and while in the yard; takes counts of inmates as required. Monitors security of jail facility; manages key control for the housing floor; inspects doors, fences, and other areas to assure facility security; monitors alarms and observes closed-circuit television screens; operates security doors and gates via master control panel. Searches inmates, visitors, mail, cells, building, and grounds to locate and remove contraband or weapons; perform lockdown of all inmates and checks cell doors.

Processes incoming inmates per established procedures; takes pictures and fingerprints; completes applicable documentation; secures and records personal property; explains jail rules and regulations; assigns housing quarters. Establishes and administers inmate financial accounts; records and secures payments; provides inmates with necessary request forms...


Starting Salary $45,687

Must possess a Georgia Basic Law Enforcement POST certification


Enforces all local and state codes, ordinances, laws and regulations, both traffic and criminal, in order to protect life and property, to promote security, and to maintain law and order. Patrols designated areas via motor vehicle, watercraft, bicycle, or on foot to detect and deter criminal activity, watercraft transgressions, and traffic violations; conducts surveillance and investigations into illegal activities. Prevents/discovers commission of crime; apprehends, arrests, and processes criminals, fugitives and offenders; writes citations. 


Responds to calls relayed by dispatchers, including alarms, domestic disputes, assaults, burglaries, traffic accidents, lost or missing persons searches, rescue operations, public service duties, stranded motorists, or other calls for assistance...


Starting Salary $45,687

Must possess a Georgia Basic Law Enforcement POST certification


Provides courtroom security; maintains a security presence in the courtroom to ensure the safety of court personnel, to identify/prevent disturbances of court proceedings, and to identify/prevent potential violence or use of weapons; assists with courtroom proceedings and documentation process as required. 


Conducts security checks of courthouse offices, judges' chambers, parking lots, or other areas of the courthouse; performs electronic and visual security screening of jurors, spectators, or other individuals; secures inmates in court; secures and detains new prisoners. Transports inmates to/from assigned locations such as courts, jails, detention center, correctional institutions.

Transports inmates to/from assigned locations such as courts, jails, detention center, correctional institutions, prisons, medical facilities, regional youth detention centers, or elsewhere as directed...


Starting Salary $48,630

Provides grant research with the Budget/Grants Manager, working with county departments to identify new grant opportunities for county services. Coordinates implementation of, and compliance with, the county grant policy. Supports the Departments/Offices Grant Administrators with their responsibilities under the policy.


Reviews monthly grant reports for accuracy and timely submission. Prepares annual SEFA schedule [Federal Grants] for the auditors and CAFR. Assists with the preparation, review, and submission of grant applications. Determines county sources of matching funds.


Monitors compliance with approved grant agreements. Assists with grant closings. Assists with grant budget changes. Monitors and provides assurance of receipt of county grant revenues.

Conducts research of department files, account records, hardcopy materials, Internet sites, or other sources as needed...


Startting Salary $58,614

Supervises, directs, and evaluates assigned staff, directly or through subordinate supervisors; processes employee concerns and problems, directs work, counsels, disciplines, and completes employee performance appraisals; assists with and hiring of staff.


Coordinates daily work activities, organizes, prioritizes, and assigns work; monitors status of work in progress and inspects completed work; consults with assigned staff, assists with complex/problem situations, and provides technical expertise.

Coordinates and provides financial support for management with regard to financial reporting, capital improvement planning, contract management, account reconciliation, customer service, or other activities; analyzes financial data and makes recommendations to assist management in making financial decisions; provides financial/budgetary guidance, assistance, and support to staff members as needed; prepares special reports for as requested.

Forsyth County Sheriff's Office 
Sheriff Ron H. Freeman
100 East Courthouse Square Cumming, GA 30040

www.forsythsheriff.org  |  Sheriff’s Office: 770.781.2222  |  Dispatch 770.781.3087

Forsyth County Sheriff's Office is an Equal Opportunity Employer and a Drug Free Workplace. 

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